Personal Growth with Forward Lifestyle

Forward Lifestyle

Lifestyle is all about discovering God’s great plan for your life. It’s about your personal growth and your personal freedom. It is a ten week course that is currently done online.

In this ten week online course students are assigned weekly mentoring sessions to encourage them on every step of their journey. Other Forward Lifestyle highlights include the life-changing Encounter Night and Graduation Celebration!

Each course taught me new things about life but more importantly, how to put it all into action. It was drilled in and hard wired which I needed as a young male adult. I gained confidence to step out to do things I never imagined possible. Now, I’m determined to coach our Youth boys to stay on the right path and make all the right steps in life. Hearing their thoughts and how to apply it brings me immense joy each week.

Your first step today, might be to sign up for the next intake starting real soon. Hope to see you there!

Sheffield Nia Nia, Lifestyle Alumni